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The GMS Brand is well renowned and has successfully captured a large share of the market, offering high standards of quality at affordable prices. The vast GMS product range includes various cleaning materials and chemicals, suspension parts, brake parts, engine overhaul spares, clutch overhaul spares, accessories and lubricants.
Slik X Motor Oil
Slik X Motor Oil is a GMS brand of engine oil that has taken the industry by storm. The demand for this product is so great that GMS finds it difficult, at times, to keep up with supply. Gaydons Motor Spares has its own Oil Plant in Jacobs, Durban and manufactures its own brand of motor oil Slik X and other by-products such as manual and automatic gearbox oils, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.
The containers for these Slik X products are manufactured at the GMS Plastic Blow Molding Plant also owned by Gaydons motor Spares. This plant produces and distributes quality plastic container solutions for its ever-increasing national client base.

Top Drive

Top drive are timing belts, multi v belts and fan belts with fifty years of manufacturing excellence. Top drive belts are designed to be compact and light weight, noise free and quick and easy fitting.
Our belts require no maintenance or lubrication. They do not stretch in use and are corrosion free. Our belts carry a twelve month warrenty. Terms and conditions apply.
Bremskraft are premium brake pads German engineered. Bremskraft braking system is designed to be environmentally safe, asbestos free, low wear on rotors and without fade and therefore carry a twelve month warrenty.
Terms and conditions apply.


Spitzen are premium shock absorbers. Spitzen has an increased braking efficiency. An increased efficiency of ABS and ESP. Reduced risk of skidding in the wet. Superior stability when cornering and reduced wear of tyres.
Spitzen shock absorbers come with a twenty four month warrenty. Terms and conditions apply.

HK Filter

With its improved technology, improved performance and improved flow, HK filters prolong the life of your vehicles engine by filtering more dirt, in the duration between services. HK filters come with a twelve month warrenty. Terms and conditions apply.


Petromin is manufactured in Saudi Arabia and was established in 1968. Petromin oil is tried and tested against extreme heat conditions and used in petrol and diesel engines. Petromin is distributed across Africa, Middle East and Asia.

CNC Clutches

CNC is capable of supplying over 1000 models of clutch covers and discs suitable for Japanese, European, American and Korean vehicles.

The CNC principle is to manufacture the best quality clutch products and to offer quality service to customers all over the world at competitive prices. 12 month/ 30 000km warranty on all CNC products. Terms and conditions apply.




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